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Ingredients: Dragonwell green tea.

Description: Dragonwell is highly recommended not only for its refreshing “misty morning grass-like” scent and smooth taste, but also for its ability to refresh the body, prevent cavities, aid in controlling high blood pressure as well as its long-term effects of being anti-cancerous. Smooth and refined, the “Lung Ching” tea leaves are hand-fried in large woks to bring forth a distinctive flavour and aroma. When infused, the liquid should be clear with a slightly yellow hue accompanied by grassy notes of chestnuts and a whisper of smoke on the finish.

Infusion Directions: 1-2 teaspoon(s) of tea per 1 litre of water. Good for 3 infusions.


Contains: 75 grams of dragonwell in tin. 


Product of China

Dragonwell Green Tea (75 g)

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